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PORTLAND, OR – As professional rug cleaners in Portland, we’ve heard many different origin stories for area rugs. Some have been passed down from generation to generation. Some were made by hand in other countries. Some were bought out of the Fred Meyer discount bin. Rugs come in many different shapes and forms: some are small, rough, and lay in entryways. Other rugs are skinny, long, colorful, and often found in hallways. Some are 10×14 and bigger than some kid’s bedrooms.

What do all these rugs have in common? They are an intentional and cared for part of a home.

One of the wonderful things about area rugs is that they serve more than just one purpose. While they are often used to soften rooms and accent a room’s color scheme, they also do a lot to protect your flooring and reduce the amount of debris and allergens that enter your home. We are big advocates of our clients investing in area rugs, and we are always more than happy to offer tips for maintaining and cleaning up an in-home rug.

How does having an area rug protect my flooring?

When you have an area rug in the entryway of your home, it acts as an obstacle between your flooring and any debris that, knowingly or unknowingly, entered your home with you. If you go directly from outside to walking on the carpet, hardwood, or vinyl, there is a higher likelihood of causing heavy soiling in those area and wearing down the carpets faster. Area rugs act as a guardian for your carpet and other flooring. It’s job is to shield what lay underneath. As a result, your flooring doesn’t wear down as fast and you reduce your odds of having to do any premature replacements. Regardless of what kind of flooring you have, replacing it is always more expensive than keeping up on regular maintenance. A simple rug in your entry way or in heavily trafficked areas may be saving you thousands of dollars!

Isn’t an area rug just another way to bring a room together?

It is! As we mentioned before, area rugs are wonderful because they are not only functional, but they are beautiful as well! Did you know that in 2016, 79% of households claimed to have at least one area rug in their home?  We don’t think everyone is buying a rug because they know it will serve as a way to prolong the life of their flooring. Many people purchase rugs purely because they add to the overall theme of décor. We read therugseller’s blog post called “20 reasons Why You Need a Rug in Your Life,” and twelve out of twenty reasons were purely for the aesthetics.

What kind of rug is best?

Here at A+ Carpet Cleaning, we clean all kinds of rugs, from synthetic to wool to silk to viscose. Some materials are simpler to clean than others, and some materials need extra care. Typically, if you’re buying a rug from a grocery store or general retail, you will typically be buying a synthetic or shag rug. A low pile synthetic rug is easiest to clean, and is likely better to use practically in heavy traffic areas such as your entryway, hallways, living room, etc. There are large synthetic rugs (9×12) at Home Depot as low as $196, which equals out to be about $1.80 a square foot.

On the other hand, if you buy for quality, the rug will likely last longer and maintain its vibrancy. According to circlefurniture, quality rugs will typically start around $400 and can go all the way up to $10,000! Different factors affect that range such as size, material, pile, origin, and other things. Wool is more expensive because it is a natural fiber that is known to be durable.

How do I keep my area rug looking good?

There are lots of small and powerful ways you can help your area rug live a long and beautiful life. Vacuuming your rug on a regular basis is critical. When you leave dry debris in your rug fibers, the debris eventually breaks the fibers down and gives the rug a worn and faded appearance.

If you have multiple rugs throughout your home, it’s also recommended that you rotate them semi-annually. If you keep rugs in the same place, particularly if there is a lot of sunlight in that area, they can develop traffic and sunlight patterns.

It’s also important to have them occasionally professionally cleaned. If you are looking for professional rug cleaning in Portland, you can always give us a call! A+ Carpet Cleaning is locally owned, family owned, and a small business. We have been cleaning rugs for over 15 years and have helped with an array of specialty smells and stains like pet urine, wine spills, food stains, oil and grease spots… you name it, we’ve probably seen it! If you haven’t had them cleaned, give us a call at 503-314-7453 or do a quick online search for “professional rug cleaning near me.”

What does a professional area rug cleaning look like?

We can’t speak for everyone, but when you have your area rug cleaned by us, we can do one of two things. We prefer to clean area rugs at our shop because we are able to perform all steps of the process and supervise the drying period. However, we can also clean area rugs in our client’s home if we are already there doing other services. When you allow us to clean your rug at our shop:

  1. You are welcome to drop off your rugs or we are happy to offer area rug pick up and area rug drop off!
  2. We unroll the rug in our moisture & temperature controlled shop.
  3. Vacuum & rake for any dander and other kinds of dry debris
  4. Pre-spray
  5. Warm water extraction (area rug steam cleaning)
  6. Dry stroke to extract as much water as possible
  7. Leave for a period for drying, checking in to make sure there is no warping or spots wicking back
  8. Notify you your area rug is done!

Area rugs in Portland, Oregon

Here in Portland, there are multiple places you can go to invest in an area rug beyond the local Fred Meyer. We have NW Rugs & Furniture, Tufenkian Carpets, Kush Rugs… a quick look online and you’ll realize there are almost too many to choose from! You can also try an online store (making sure to check the return policy in case you get the rug and you don’t like it).

Overall, we’d encourage you, if you haven’t already, to consider purchasing a rug for the betterment of your home and your flooring. And if you have any questions, you know who to call!

A+ Carpet Cleaning – Portland
2885 NW 111th Ct, Portland, OR 97229
(503) 314-7453 

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