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PORTLAND, OR – Like many professional carpet cleaners, we not only clean wall-to-wall carpets, but we also do professional area rug cleaning! An area rug is sometimes the best part of the room. Not only do they add aesthetic value, but they are often placed down on harder flooring to act as a more comfortable walking surface.  Adding comfort, beauty, function… area rugs are always a great addition to your home. But, like everything else, they need to be properly maintained in order for them to hold their value. A rug that isn’t taken care of can have a shorter life span, and look dingy and colorless.

While regular vacuuming and spot treating your rug on the regular is a must, it’s also recommended that you have them professionally deep cleaned every 12 to 18th months.  A professional area rug cleaning can get deep into the fibers and provide a thorough cleaning that you wouldn’t be able to obtain using at-home methods.

What is the Purpose of Area Rugs?

Area rugs have been around for thousands of years. Their initial use was simply to help keep the floor warm, even as temperatures changed with the seasons. The primitive rug was made of reed and grass, and eventually, the colors and patterns of rugs were indicative of their owner’s stature and wealth.

Today, there is certainly still a functional element of owning an area rug. The fabrics used to make them are still designed to hold heat, so that your home has a better chance of staying warm in the winter. Rugs are also great ways of dampening sound in your home (as fun as an ominous echo can be).

Placing rugs at the entryway of high traffic areas is a wise way to preserve your flooring, whether it’s carpet, hardwood, vinyl, tile… whatever the case may be. The area rug can be your floorings’ first defense against unwanted debris.

How to maintain an area rug

There are lots of different ways that you can keep your area rug looking and feeling great in between professional cleanings. It’s recommended that you vacuum your area rug at least twice a week to remove dry debris. Debris, if left in your area rug, can break down the carpet fibers and give it a worn and soiled appearance.

If your area rug is left in an area with heavy sunlight appearance, it can begin to experience “color fade.” Color fade is a reaction to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. In order to avoid too much sun exposure, rotate your rugs. Not only will you get a fresh look in each room, but you are preserving the color and integrity of your rugs.

We also recommend having pads underneath your area rugs. This adds airflow, reducing the risk of mold. It also often reduces the chance of a rug slipping out from under you when you step, and gives more ability for a professional carpet cleaner to clean your rugs in your home.

What Kind of Area Rugs Can you Clean?

In short, all of them! A+ Carpet Cleaning utilizes a method called warm water extraction, which utilizes a truck mounted machine and water that gets to be around 180 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re unsure of what your area rug is, you can occasionally find a tag on the back that will tell you what kind of materials were used. If there is no tag, professional area rug cleaners have different no-impact tests that can help determine what a rug is made of. Examples of rugs that we clean include:

  • Wool area rugs
  • Synthetic area rugs (polypropylene, nylon, acrylic)
  • Cotton area rugs
  • Silk area rugs
  • Jute area rugs
  • Tencel area rugs
  • Rayon area rugs
  • Shag area rugs
  • Viscose area rugs

Where can you do area rug cleaning?

We are potentially able to clean area rugs in your home if we are already there performing other services. The decision is often based on the material of the rug (we generally prefer to bring specialty material rugs back to the shop). If your area rug is sitting on hardwood floors with no pad underneath, it’s often easiest to roll it up for our technician to take with him. We can occasionally also place plastic down underneath the rug.

Typically, clients will drop off rugs to us at our shop. When we clean them in the shop, we are responsible for pre-vacuuming, prepping, and overseeing the dry process to make sure the area rug doesn’t curl or warp. The shop is climate controlled for best possible drying conditions, and we are typically able to return rugs to clients within 7 business days.

Supporting a local, family business like A+ Carpet Cleaning is as simple as letting us bring your area rugs back to life! We love being a local area rug cleaner in Portland, and we want to answer any and all questions you have about area rug cleaning and beyond. Call today at 503-314-7453!

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