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Top Five Reasons A Family Owned Carpet Cleaning Business Is Just Better

PORTLAND, OR – The holidays are famously a time for friends and family to gather together and enjoy good food and the spirit of thankfulness. As a family owned carpet cleaning business, we at A+ Carpet Cleaning spend time together as a family year-round!

You may be preparing to get your home host-ready, and we know that you may have lots of options when you’re looking for a carpet cleaner near you. However, we would argue that you can’t do better than a local,  family owned carpet cleaning business.


Did you know 75% of people would return to a company because of excellent customer service? As consumers ourselves, we place high value on intentional customer service. We want to treat you the way we like to be treated as customers. So what does that mean practically?

Oftentimes, the first interaction you have with us as a business is the first phone call you make. When you call the office, you’ll be either speaking with Chantal, who has been with A+ Carpet Cleaning for two years, or Tiki, the co-owner of the business. Our office is happy to answer any questions you have, review our methods with you, and work on getting you the best estimate we can. We are up front with our pricing, how it works, and do our best to ensure costs are as transparent as possible so you aren’t met with any surprises on the day of service.

We are always happy to send a personalized email with what we discussed (method, estimate, pricing, etc.), and make communication as convenient as possible by having access to call, email, and text. A phone call can be difficult if you have a day job and work through office hours, or if your home usually has a noisy (but joyfully so ) background. If a call sounds daunting, feel free to text us (same number, 503-314-7453) or email at

We want you to know that we prioritize you and your needs. As a smaller family owned carpet cleaning business, we have the resources to go the extra mile for you and your home, whether that means working with a tricky schedule, talking you through carpet recommendations, or offering advice on odor removal.

You matter to us. When you look at the reviews, you may notice that many of the reviewers are returning clients who plan to come back. We have built a reputation for ourselves through being genuine and experts at what we do. It’s as simple as that!


Mike and Tiki Honkanen, owners of A+ Carpet Cleaning, both play foundational roles in the day to day of the business. While Mike runs his own van, Tiki supervises the office and is often the voice you hear on the other end of the phone! Rather than run you through a million different triages of authority, the owners of A+ Carpet Cleaning are always available to you if you need them. W

When the owners are heavily invested in the business at this kind of level, you know that you are getting five-star service! And speaking of five-star service, we’d encourage you to check out our reviews and recommendations on Google, Yelp and Nextdoor. Reviews are a great way to hear an unbiased opinion on a business, and we ourselves certainly check the reviews before moving forward with a company.

We have over 2,500 positive reviews across different platforms. We truly believe in “treating your home like our own,” and are so grateful that our clients can see that!

Your Needs

When you hire a family-owned carpet cleaning business, you are working with a company that desires to suit their services to your needs. Our pricing structure allows for flexibility and personalization that a larger business might not be able to accommodate. Whether you need your whole home cleaned or just one spot from a puppy accident, we are here for you. If you are concerned a stain may be permanent, our technician is more than happy to help you assess that in person and let you know if a repair might be preferred. A stain in your carpet doesn’t mean you will have to replace the whole room; oftentimes a professional carpet technician will be able to patch the spot for you, saving you a lot of time, money, and the hassle of moving every bit of furniture out of a room.

We know that you need more than just services done well—you need smooth and transparent communication from start to finish. We do our best to ensure that you feel fully prepared for your carpet cleaning appointment by sending a confirmation email as soon as you schedule. The confirmation email will remind you of how to prepare for the technician before he arrives, as well as remind you of the day and arrival window you were scheduled for. Our system will also automatically send you a reminder on the day before your appointment, just as a friendly heads-up that your scheduled cleaning is only 24 hours away!

The communication doesn’t stop there! A few days after your cleaning, we will personally send you a text, asking how the carpet cleaning went and making sure you are happy with everything. Your satisfaction is so important to us.

This is the kind of attention that you can get from a family owned carpet cleaning business! We are here for your needs, whether it’s a move-out clean, yearly maintenance, or an emergency pet accident.

The Local Part of a Local Business

Obviously, there are lots of economic and moral benefits to supporting local businesses. However, hiring a local business benefits not just the local economy, but it serves you in a big way!

A+ Carpet Cleaning has served the Portland metro area for over 15 years. We know the neighborhoods, the traffic, and the how each season brings a new version of wonderful PNW weather. With that in mind, we are able to be more precise when we are discussing estimates over the phone.

As an example, there are some areas that are more likely to have wool carpets installed. Adversely, there are some areas that have more issues with carpet rippling/carpet stretching needs because the homes were built by the same builder who did not have them properly installed in the first place.

We also know how to give more accurate arrival windows because we know how to factor in traffic when it comes to 217, Highway 26, and, dare we mention it, I-205. Rather than provide you with a generic “somewhere between 8-5” window, our office staff takes drive time into careful consideration when providing you with your arrival window so that our arrival windows can range between 1.5 to 3 hours instead.

When it comes to the weather, we have put processes and procedures into place so that we are prepared for the oh-so-typical Portland rain, such as having blankets for the hoses to run on in your home and shoe covers for ourselves.

A Family Owned Carpet Cleaning Business Near You

Overall, when you are looking to hire a professional cleaner, why not hire a professional who not only knows his service well, but also knows the area where you live and can offer precise recommendations and services based on your location? We are proud to be local to Portland and would love the opportunity to meet a neighbor and help. Call your local, family owned carpet cleaning business today.

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