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  • Improves air quality by removing allergens, dust particles and contaminants

  • Helps to minimize filtration dust lines by removing dust particles before they get into your carpets

  • Removes odor attracting soil, insects, and pest feces.

  • Helps keep dirt and debris from being blown back on your carpets

  • Removes construction debris left behind from original fabrication or remodeling

Having your air ducts cleaned helps reduce allergens, keeps the air quality in your home clean and fresh and maintains your carpets by minimizing dust and debris circulating in your home.  This produces a healthier and happier environment for you and your family and pets. We use a state of the art forced air system that is the most efficient and thorough duct cleaning process available for our clients. Watch the video below for how RAM Air works!

The photo on the left is a demonstration of the kinds of items that Mike has cleaned out of air ducts. Over the years, we have found that many homes in the Portland and surrounding areas have never had their air ducts cleaned. Because of this, we have found a lot of construction debris including saw dust, drywall, nails, lumber, mouse remains, fecal matter, pet hair, urine, insects, as well as, trash from construction workers. These things can have negative impacts on the air quality of your home and possibly restrict the airflow of your heating and air conditioning system. Although we are not a furnace servicing company, we do a light dusting in your furnace and replace the filters if you have new ones on hand.

Dryer vent cleaning helps to prevent dryer fires and conserves energy by helping your dryer work more efficiently resulting in quicker drying time for your clothes.  Our service begins with a thorough visual inspection during which our technician will assess your dryer vent system and recommend whether cleaning is necessary.  We remove lint, nesting material, socks, small garments and other materials that may clog your dryer vent.

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