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PORTLAND, OR – Fall in the Pacific Northwest is an experience that we feel privileged to enjoy year after year. The gentle softening of the trees as their leaves fade and fall, the sharp crispness of the air, the smell of pumpkin spice… what more could you want? There is always a sense of “new beginnings” that comes with the autumn season as well, and the slight panic of being on the fast track to the holidays. All those things that you thought you were going to do over the summer suddenly start coming to mind… and perhaps, one of those things is carpet cleaning.

It’s recommended that you have your carpets professionally cleaned every 12-18 months. Many people wait until the summer to have them cleaned because of the warmer weather. But what if you meant to call, things came up, life happened… suddenly it’s November! Can you still have your carpets cleaned?

In short, absolutely. A+ Carpet Cleaning, your local Portland carpet cleaning service, is happy to clean your carpets year-round. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter are all eligible seasons to have your home looking and feeling fresh again. If that isn’t good news, I don’t know what is! Colder and wetter weather doesn’t need to be an obstacle to have us clean your carpets.  In fact, we can give you great reasons to have your carpets cleaned at any time in the year!

Carpet Cleaning in Portland, OR

Fall | September through November

All the wonderful rainy days and misty mornings can cause more mud and wet debris than usual. More mud = more soiling clinging to your shoes, and potentially making its way onto your carpets. Fall is also the famous season for preparing for upcoming holidays, whether you are hosting or going on a long vacation. Either way, it’s a great reason to get carpets cleaned!

Childcare – Sometimes, an obstacle for families during the summer is the potential of the whole family running through the home during or right after a professional carpet cleaning. During the fall, when school is running, there is more ease in finding days where the carpets can have some time to dry before they are used.
Closed Windows – In the summer, we often leave our windows open to allow the fresh air to circulate through our home. When the first chill arrives, the windows close until the warm weather returns. Did you know that having your windows closed more often reduces the circulation of the air, and more debris is likely to find a home in your carpet fibers?

Winter | December through February

Something about the bare trees and the frozen sidewalks makes winter feel like a good time to hibernate. For those in education, Winter Break is a much anticipated and welcomed respite. For those who don’t have a built in break, Winter is still a popular time to go on vacation, whether it’s to see family or find somewhere warm. As professional Portland carpet cleaners, we know that Winter is as good a time as any to have your carpets cleaned!

Drying – In the Winter, you often have your furnace running. The hot air circulating on and around the carpets allow it to dry faster.
Flexibility – at A+ Carpet Cleaning, Winter is our slowest season. When you call us in the winter, we are more likely able to accommodate any specific needs you have when it comes to timing and dates.

Spring | March – May

If Winter is a time for hibernating, Spring is when we all start to wake up! Winter often lends itself to a higher amount of traffic on your carpet; there are less things to do outside and a higher potential for hosting and gatherings.

Spring Cleaning – Spring is the infamous season for deep cleaning your home! What better way to restore the sense of freshness than to have your carpets professionally cleaned?
Sunshine is back again – You may have realized that you didn’t notice a spot or two that appeared over the winter. The darker mornings and evenings can do a great job at hiding certain areas that need attention. When the sun begins shining on your carpet, you may realize there are some soiling areas that need attention right away.

Summer | June – August

There’s something that feels productive about summer. The days are longer, warmer, and many have more freedom than in the other seasons of the year. Summer is hands down the most popular time to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. With the warmer weather and the blue skies, it seems like carpet cleaning is a no brainer!

Open windows – in the summer, the technician will often recommend that you open your windows after the carpet cleaning is completed. This allows fresh air to circulate over your carpets and helps them to dry faster!
Allergens – we all know the pain of a high pollen count. Especially in the late spring, allergy symptoms reach new heights. Did you know that allergens can easily transfer from the bottom of a shoe or pant leg into your carpet fibers? Having your carpets professional cleaned with hot water extraction carpet cleaning helps to reduce any allergens that may have been tracked into your home.

Carpet Cleaning Can Be Done Year Round

There are benefits to having your carpets cleaned in each and every season of the year. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, it’s never a bad time to call your local, family-owned carpet cleaner. A+ Carpet Cleaning has been in the business of cleaning carpets for over a decade, and we would love the opportunity to restore your carpets to like-new again. We’d encourage you to check out our Yelp, Nextdoor, Google Business… anywhere you can read our reviews. We’ve garnered over 2,000 positive reviews online because we mean what we say when we say we want to treat your home like our own!

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