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  • 862 words4.4 min read

    PORTLAND, OR – Purchasing a home for the first time is one of the most exciting chapters in life. Whether you lived with someone else or rented your own place before, there is a unique feeling of pride when you […]

  • 1221 words6.2 min read

    PORTLAND, OR – Have you ever heard the expression ‘jack of all trades, master of none?’ Well, in this family business, we have technicians that are “masters” of a wide variety of services. Our business name gives away one of […]

  • 1250 words6.3 min read

    PORTLAND, OR – Did you realize that professional upholstery cleaning in Portland is right around the corner? A+ Carpet Cleaning has been cleaning upholstery for over a decade. We know that you have a priority list to keep and steam […]

  • 1805 words9 min read

    PORTLAND, OR – As professional rug cleaners in Portland, we’ve heard many different origin stories for area rugs. Some have been passed down from generation to generation. Some were made by hand in other countries. Some were bought out of […]

  • 1806 words9 min read

    PORTLAND, OR – When the family handyman blog wrote about 51 Things Most Homeowners aren’t doing but need to, cleaning the dryer vent was number one!  Having your dryer vent and air ducts cleaned routinely is an important part of […]

  • 1515 words7.6 min read

    PORTLAND, OR – If you’re anything like most people, you like to know what to expect, whether it’s the food you’re going to eat, the way you’re going to spend your day, or the people you’re likely to run into […]

  • 1374 words6.9 min read

    PORTLAND, OR – George Eliot famously said, “animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.”  While cat owners might disagree with that second part, the heart of the quote is true: we love our […]

  • 848 words4.3 min read

    PORTLAND, OR – Like many professional carpet cleaners, we not only clean wall-to-wall carpets, but we also do professional area rug cleaning! An area rug is sometimes the best part of the room. Not only do they add aesthetic value, […]

  • 871 words4.4 min read

    PORTLAND, OR – Did you know that the concept of do-it-yourself can be traced back to the Arts and Crafts movement in the late 19th century? The actual term, do-it-yourself, became more popular in the post-World War II economy. You […]

  • 857 words4.3 min read

    PORTLAND, OR – As a family owned, professional carpet cleaning business in Portland, we want our clients to have nothing short of the very best! The best customer service, the best convenience, the best appointment time to fit their needs… […]