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PORTLAND, OR – You may not think you need a professional carpet cleaning service, but imagine this. It’s Thanksgiving weekend, the whole family is set to arrive any moment now. Your grandparents, siblings with their family, your in-laws and of course your parents.. The house is spotless, groceries bought, decorations are up— you’ve got this.

But as you’re looking around your house anticipating their arrival it dawns on you… 

You never realized how dirty your carpets looked until this very moment. 

You’re aware your carpet has some spots from where your dog had a few accidents… but did your carpets somehow get even dirtier now that you have guests coming over? It sure feels like it. You meant to get them cleaned but the weeks just flew by. If only you had remembered sooner, you could’ve had them cleaned AND protected from any future mishaps this holiday season might bring. 

You shrug and write yourself a reminder to call your trusted carpet cleaning business to take care of those spots once and for all. Your carpet concerns will have to wait…for now. 

Have you found yourself in a similar situation? Or are you a carpet cleaning rockstar who regularly has your carpets cleaned? Either way, here are 5 surprising reasons your carpets would benefit from a professional carpet cleaning service. 

Prevent New and Old Stains From Settling In

Carpets are great; it’s no surprise we’re big fans of them. They add texture and color to a room, they’re easier on your feet to walk on and they’re especially pleasant to have during the colder months. But as great as they are, when left untreated, they tend to attract and hold stains. This can lead to discoloration, odors, or even mold and mildew.

Having your carpets regularly cleaned can help extend their lifespan and maintain their beauty. This saves you the time and expense of having to replace your carpets sooner.

Professional carpet cleaners are pros at removing heavy soil in your carpet and can help eliminate odors caused by beverage spills, pet mishaps, or whatever life throws your way.

Carpet protectant is another service often offered to clients as an added barrier of protection from stains. Protectant works like an invisible shield for your carpet which helps fight against life’s mishaps like spills and soiling. The protectant adheres to carpet fibers and is meant for short-term water resistance-which means you’ll have more time to clean up the mess before the stain sets in.

Places which are frequented a lot like the family room, living room, and master bedroom would likely benefit from a protectant.

Extend Your Carpets Lifespan

Replacing your carpets is no small task and talk about a hefty price tag…

Annual deep cleaning your carpets helps prevent premature wear and tear, extending the life of your carpet and its investment. With the average lifespan of carpets being 5-15 years; with regular carpet cleaning your investment could go a long way. High traffic areas especially tend to need a little more love which is why we recommend annual cleaning to prevent early replacement.

Improve Look and Feel of Carpets

Ever look around the room and all you see are the stains or spots from life’s mishaps? Sometimes it doesn’t matter how spotless the room is, if the carpet appears dirty the whole room feels dirty.

With the help of the best carpet cleaning services, saying goodbye to pet stains or stains alike can be a hassle-free and stress-free experience.

As professional carpet cleaners, we use specialized techniques and detergents to remove stubborn stains from coffee spills, wine, bodily fluids, muddy shoes or pet messes. Carpet cleaners can even revive faded carpets and restore them to their original color and fluffiness.

Improve Air Quality by Reducing Dust and Allergens

If you’re someone who struggles with allergies, asthma, or even eczema; you might be surprised to discover the cause of your flare ups could be caused by what’s below your feet.

Carpets can trap airborne irritants like allergens, bacteria and dust particles that can trigger breathing problems in people with underlying health conditions. So even though your carpets might look clean and stain-free to the naked eye, what’s hiding beneath the fibers might make you squirm.

Keeping the carpets clean eliminates these irritants and allows you to breathe easier. And while traditional home vacuums are great for weekly cleaning, they fall short of getting rid of all the dust and dirt trapped in your carpets.

Carpets can harbor bacteria and other pollutants that can affect the health of your and your family. Carpet cleaning eliminates these contaminants, improving indoor air quality and reducing the risk of respiratory problems and other health issues.

Eliminate Unpleasant Odors

We love our little fur babies to the moon and back but over the span of their life they’re known to have a few accidents here or there. And there’s a good chance some of those accidents might have been urine….

Cat urine especially can last in carpets for years. You may found some success temporarily neutralizing the odor with home remedies only to discover the odor returned. Or maybe you just got used to the smell. Hey, it happens!

Professional carpet cleaners are your unsung hero for neutralizing unpleasant odors once and for all. Our carpet cleaners utilize a safe chemical called Xcide to help permanently eliminate odors that would otherwise linger for years to come.

Xcide is an odor modification product that treats odor molecules on contact. So give your carpets the treatment they deserve and enjoy a fresh and odor-free living space once again with the help of the best carpet cleaners in Portland, Oregon.

We Offer A+ Carpet Cleaning Services

On average we recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned every 12-18 months. This helps extend your carpets lifespan to its fullest saving you money and time. It also eliminates harmful bacteria and dust mites that get trapped in your carpets over time which can trigger allergies or affect your overall health.

And if you’re tired of looking at old stains or smelling an unpleasant odor everytime you walk in the room, your trusted carpet cleaner might become your new best friend.

Don’t let these issues ruin the appearance and cleanliness of your carpets any longer; give us a call today and we’ll be glad to help you out.

Call us at 503-314-7453 or visit our website for your free estimate today.

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