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PORTLAND, OR – If you’ve been searching for a professional tile cleaning business in Portland, you’ve come to the right place. A+ Carpet Cleaning has been cleaning tile for over a decade, and we’ve learned a thing or two about the ins and outs of tile and grout.

Sometimes, the vast number of things to maintain in a home is overwhelming. Between the daily tasks and chores to the annual or semi-annual deep cleaning, it feels like too much for one family to manage. We know that you have a busy schedule and that the idea of adding one more thing to your to-do list is daunting, which is why we want to step in and help! As professional tile and grout cleaners, we not only have experience, but we also have the perfect mix of equipment and products to get the job done efficiently and expertly!

Tile is a popular choice for flooring for many reasons. As HGTV puts it, “it’s impervious to moisture, stands up to stains and won’t absorb bacteria or odors.”  However, despite having it’s benefits, tile needs regular maintaining just like every other type of flooring, from real hardwood to carpet to vinyl.

Regularly vacuuming and sweeping your tile is essential for it to maintain it’s glossy and well-polished appearance.  Tiles can be in kitchens, bathrooms, or even in big buildings like offices – they make a place look nice! But over time, even the lines between the tiles, called grout, can get soiled.

Grout is like a sponge that can soak up dirt, mold, and stains. Even if you clean with a mop, sometimes it’s hard to get deep into the grout. That’s where the experts come in – people who know how to clean tiles and grout and have the right equipment and products to get the job done right!

Using a hot water method for cleaning not only takes away the dirt—it also kills germs and mold, making the tiles and grout clean and germ-free. Professional grout cleaning technicians  also have special cleaning products that can remove grease, soap scum, or other spots. At A+ Carpet Cleaning, we know what to use to make everything clean without damaging the tiles or grout.

Cleaning tiles and grout doesn’t just make things look good – it also helps the floors last longer. If dirt stays on the grout for too long, it can make the grout crack or change color. Regular cleaning stops these problems, making sure the tiles maintain their glossy appearance for a long time. Not only all of that, but it also helps in keeping the air healthy by reducing the odds of mold or other debris hiding in your grout lines.

If you have tile & grout and you haven’t had it cleaned for a while, now is a great time to call A+ Carpet Cleaning! Don’t let the name fool you—not only do we clean carpet, but we also perform tile and grout cleaning services in Portland, and we would love the chance to get your tile sparkling again. Call today at 503-314-7453.

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