We use a system called RamAir, there is a video on our website you can take a look at that shows you how it works. Mike, the owner, did a lot of research on different systems, and he likes this one the best because he feels that it cleaned the ducts the best & eliminated potential damage to the ducts as well as not bringing debris from air ducts into your home. We utilize the RamAir equipment that works off our truck mounted machine. We go to each individual vent with our hoses and a clear cover that goes over the vent. Then, we insert an air compressor hose that goes deep into the duct, about 20-40 feet, to blast any debris towards the register as we draw it back out. There’s also a vacuum hose attached to the vent cover that will bring any debris that comes out into our truck-mounted machine. In addition, for floor vents, we go into the vent with a high powered vacuum and remove any heavier or larger debris that we were unable to remove with the air compressor hose, then we power vacuum the register & secure it back in place.