PORTLAND, OR – Purchasing a home for the first time is one of the most exciting chapters in life. Whether you lived with someone else or rented your own place before, there is a unique feeling of pride when you finally get to hold the keys to your first house. The unfortunate thing about ownership is you are now the one responsible for every kind of maintenance and repair that comes with homes. Like carpet repair.

Carpet seems pretty low maintenance—a vacuum daily and spot cleaning when needed and it should be fine, right? Overall, those things do help the carpet’s longevity and appearance, but what do you do when your cat claws up the seam at the doorway? Or you spill something permanent? Or weird ripples start appearing that you don’t understand?

We often get phone calls from clients asking questions beyond a simple carpet cleaning, and we wanted to walk you through some common needs for repair we deal with, and how we are able to help.

Do you offer carpet repair?

This is an easy answer—yes, we do! We can do carpet repairs like patches or seams, and we can also re-stretch your carpet back into place as well.

We can help when…

Pet damage

  • My cat used my carpet as a scratch pad and now I have a bunch of pulled and snagged fibers
  • My pet chewed up my carpet
  • My pet pulled up the carpet from the wall

Color fading

  • My carpet looks like a different color in this area and I want it to look like the rest of the carpet
  • Seam separation
  • The place where two carpet pieces come together looks like it came apart

Carpet bubbles/carpet ripples

  • My carpet has a bunch of bubbles in it
  • My carpet has a ripple

All the situations above can be helped with a simple carpet repair or carpet re-stretch. When we do a carpet repair, we will ask you if you have extra carpet. If you don’t, we will either recommend getting more carpet for us to use, or we can use carpet from an inconspicuous location in your home (like a closet).


In the photo below, you can see Mike (co-owner) working on one of the last steps of repairing a seam. There are few things quite as satisfying as watching that unappealing “line” in the carpet disappear. When we’re done, it looks like the carpet was never cut in the first place! Seam repair is certainly something you want to call the professionals for, and if you have a seam in need of some help, why not call a family owned business?

Carpet Repair


Whether it’s a permanent stain that isn’t coming out or a spot in the carpet that has a permanent furniture indentation, we are happy to take care of that for you. When you call, we will ask if you have extra carpet for the technician to use for replacing that area. If not, we can pull carpet from an inconspicuous place like a closet. If the patch is in a highly worn or sunlight exposed area, you may notice a difference in coloration for a few days, but typically after use the difference fades. This kind of repair helps if you have carpet fading, pet damage, and permanent stains.

Can you stretch carpet?

Absolutely! Carpets may need to be stretched for a number of reasons. If your carpet has aged, it might just be that it has loosened over the years and started to bunch. On the other hand, if the carpet is not properly installed, it also has a much higher chance of needing stretching early on in its life. We have had clients that call and need carpet stretching in homes that are barely a year old.

If you have ripples or bumps in your carpet, don’t wait to have your carpet stretched back into place! The longer you wait, the higher the likelihood will be that the peak of the carpet will be damaged, worn down, and won’t look correct even after it is flattened out. Carpet ripples are also tripping hazards, and often are hard to see depending on the direction they are bunching.

When you call A+ Carpet cleaning to professionally stretch carpet, we use a method called power stretching. This involves removing the carpet from the tack strip, power stretching it into place, placing it back down on the tack strip, and then cutting any access. Depending on the kind of room and if there is furniture present, we occasionally will need to do a reseam during the process. When we schedule a carpet stretching job, we ask you to send photos of the room. Our technician then reviews the photos and gives you a call to walk you through any furniture movement needing to take place prior to his arrival. Our goal is for there to be no surprises when we get there to the job.

How do I book?

If you’ve read through this blog and are ready to move forward, the next step is simple! Give us a call at 503-314-7453.

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