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PORTLAND, OR – As a family owned, professional carpet cleaning business in Portland, we want our clients to have nothing short of the very best! The best customer service, the best convenience, the best appointment time to fit their needs… and the best carpet cleaning! Although the technician, the equipment, and experience all have a heavy hand in how a carpet might turn out, a huge element of a successful carpet cleaning is the method that was used. Believe it or not, there are lots of different ways that professionals clean carpet. When you think of professional carpet cleaning, what do you imagine? Do you imagine a rotary brush? A wand? A vacuum?

If you had to guess, what do you YOU think the best method for professional carpet cleaning is? If you asked carpet manufacturers or most professionals, they would say hot water extraction. Hot water extraction utilizing a truck mounted machine is currently known as the most effective and thorough method. At A+ Carpet Cleaning, we use hot water extraction because we want our clients to have the best. But what about those other methods?

Dry Carpet Cleaning

In dry cleaning, a powder is most often used. The carpet cleaner would apply the powder into the carpet with a brush, and then would vacuum the powder up. This is by far the fastest and simplest method, but is far from a deep clean. Often, a dry carpet cleaning isn’t able to clean into the carpet fibers, and is more of a surface clean than anything else.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

This method of professional carpet cleaning belongs to the dry clean category, and is a very similar process to when you mop your floor. The bonnet is dunked into cleaning solution, rung out, and then attached to a rotary floor machine. The machine then runs at a low speed as the tool is passed over the carpets. Bonnet carpet cleaning is at best a surface clean. The rotary brush isn’t able to address any soils or debris that are deeper in the carpet fibers. As time has gone on, more and more carpet manufacturers have come out against this method because it has been found to be thorough. Instead, its abrasive nature can actually cause more harm to the carpets than good.


Encapsulation also uses a rotary brush machine, but has a much different solution than bonnet cleaning. The cleaning agent utilized with encapsulation is geared towards crystalizing any soil particles within the fibers of carpet and making them easy to vacuum up. This is a popular method for commercial carpet cleaning; the carpet cleaning technician goes through with his equipment (see video below), and then leaves the solution to crystalize the debris in the carpet. The janitorial staff then, the next morning ,can come in and vacuum the debris up.

While this is faster than a hot water extraction cleaning, it again can leave much to be desired when it comes to a thorough professional carpet cleaning.

Carpet Shampoo

“Do you shampoo carpet?” is a question we answer almost every day. The short answer: yes and no. “Shampooing” carpet is often used as the broad term for the type of carpet cleaning that uses moisture. However, there is a difference between a carpet shampoo and a hot water extraction cleaning.

A professional carpet shampoo involves the use of the rotary brush tool mentioned in some of the methods above. The equipment itself has a tank attached that has cleaning solution in it, which is then introduced into the carpet. A layer of foam appears on the surface of the carpet as a result of the high-pressure of the injection process. Once the entire carpet has the solution introduced, the technician will go through and rinse it out with hot water, and then extract as much as they can using a high powered vacuum.

Professional carpet cleaning with a rotary brush

Shampooing your hair is very similar to how professional carpet cleaners will shampoo carpet. You lather and rinse. We’re hoping you never stick your hair in a vacuum to get it to dry, but otherwise, it’s quite similar.

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction with a truck mounted machine = best method on the market today! A+ Carpet Cleaning is proud to have the right equipment to give your home and your carpet nothing short of the best. Carpet cleaning with hot water extraction uses a carpet cleaning wand to both rinse and dry the carpets after a pre-spray is applied. With hot water extraction, less moisture is used, allowing your carpets to dry quicker and reduce the chance of over-saturation. The water gets to be about 220 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter, which helps the rinse process and minimizes the chance of cleaning agent being left behind in your carpet.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Near Me

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