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    We do offer a basic pet treatment which is an enzyme oxidation treatment that takes care of moderate pet odor, pet dander, and maybe an accident here or there.  We specialize in pet odor/stain removal and always do our best […]

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    We use a system called RamAir, there is a video on our website you can take a look at that shows you how it works. Mike, the owner, did a lot of research on different systems, and he likes this […]

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    Some companies only do a 1-step process, and just introduce soap with their wand & extract it out in one stroke. But we do a 3-step process: We pre-spray all the carpets which allows the cleaning agent to emulsify and […]

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    Most carpet manufacturers will recommend a professional carpet cleaning every 12-18 months. It can vary depending on use. For example, homes with a lot of traffic and pets may need more frequent cleanings than a home with lighter traffic and […]