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PORTLAND, OR – Carpet is one of those things that not a lot of people think about, other than trying to remember to vacuum it now and then. If you’re anything like the average homeowner, the time you spend paying attention to your carpet is typically spent because there is something amiss.

  • A new stain appeared
  • Your pet had an accident
  • You see a new wrinkle or ripple

The list goes on. In some cases, you may be walking around your home and suddenly realize that your carpet looks like it’s different colors in different areas. After further inspection, you see that you’re right! For some reason, even though you had the same carpet installed throughout your home, it looks like one room is lighter or darker than the next. What could be the culprit?

The Sun

A home with windows is a wonderful thing indeed! Natural sunlight is highly valued. In fact, according to the Washington Post, natural light includes mood, mental, performance, and the ability to get along with people!

All that being said, regular exposure to sunlight eventually has an effect on the colors in your carpets. When a carpet is constantly exposed to sunlight, such as the carpet next to your windows, they are likely to eventually fade or discolor. The UV rays of the sunlight have a breaking down effect on the carpet fiber’s dyes, and eventually, it may look like the areas by sunlight appear “lighter” than other areas of your home, particularly in the rooms or hallways with no windows or limited sun exposure.


Certain areas of your home are much more prone to be “high traffic.” Entryways, steps, and hallways are easy examples of these “high traffic areas.” Dirt, hairs, and other debris can build up and give the carpet a matted down look. The area may look more soiled and wore down. Regular vacuuming in these areas and having a professional carpet cleaning done every 12-18 months can go a long way in preventing your carpets from looking heavily soiled. Don’t let your carpets look neglected; call a local Portland carpet cleaner like A+ Carpet Cleaning.

Variations withing the Dye

Carpet is a product, just like anything else! When carpet is being manufactured, the goal is for the color to be completely consistent throughout the whole production run.  However, sometimes during the manufacturing process, carpet gets the appearance of “different colors” from the variations of dye that are being used. This is more noticeable in rooms that required more than one roll of carpet.

Cleaning Products

Whenever a client has a spill, pet accident, or other fresh spot on their carpet, we always recommend calling us before treating. One of the main reasons for that is there are products on the market that could be harmful to both the integrity and color of your carpet. If you use a cleaner that has bleach in it, the carpets may be lightened. Once a carpet has been bleached, you either have to find someone who can re-dye it, which is very precise work that can easily go awry or replace it with other carpet. If you have to put a patch of brand-new carpet in the middle of your old carpet, it’s still visually displeasing, although eventually it will begin to blend together as it did before.

Professional Portland carpet cleaners know which products to use and which to avoid. There are even precise methods that should be used depending on the source and lifespan of a stain. It costs zero dollars to call a professional before you handle a spill on your own, so for the sake of your home’s carpets, give us a call if you need any advise on how to best handle any stains on your carpet.


Did you know that if you look at your carpet from one side, and then the other, you will likely see a little bit of a difference in color? This affect is called pile reversal, watermarking, or pooling.

By nature, carpet pile itself slopes in one direction. When the tufts are all pushed in the same direction, they all appear to be the same color. But when you pull some of the tufts back towards yourself, you may notice that there is an obvious difference in color. This is shading, and is most common in a higher pile carpet.

What do I do if my carpet is different colors?

It depends! As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are some things that there isn’t much to do about (i.e. natural sunlight, dye variations). If you’re concerned about a small piece of carpet that has soiling or discoloration, chances are we can help you with either a professional carpet cleaning or carpet repair! Mike, co-owner of A+ Carpet Cleaning, has been in the business of repairing and cleaning carpets for almost two decades. Oftentimes, all it takes is a photo for him to be able to determine what the best course of action would be for you moving forward.

If you have any questions that weren’t answered in this article or would like to get something on the schedule, you can reach us at 503-314-7453. We are a local Portland carpet repair and carpet cleaning business and would love the chance to serve you and your home!

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