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PORTLAND, OR – When you’re carpet cleaning, stain removal is a tough business, but few things lend themselves to such a sense of accomplishment when you’re a professional carpet cleaner like us! Have you ever cleaned up a spill yourself, just to find it again in the exact same spot the next day? That phenomena is known as  “wicking”, or “rapid re-soiling.” You are not the first person to experience it, by far, and we would love to share some helpful information with you from the professional stain removal standpoint!

What you use matters

The method that we use for stain removal is highly influenced by multiple variables, particularly the source of the spot. A wine spill and a pet accident are dealt with differently. Unfortunately, many articles available on the internet will promise “catch all” ways to remove stains and spots that are ineffective at best and create permanent damage at worst. We know that DIY is always increasing in popularity, and we address the topic with more detail on another article on our page here.

The quantity of product used is also an important factor. Overdoing it with a stain removal product can create big problems down the road. If you have an incident in your home that involves fresh spills or spots on your carpet, we encourage you to call us. We’d love to walk you through the best methods depending on the situation, and even advise on if you are using a good product or not.

Your carpet needs daily maintenance

A daily vacuuming of your carpets can go a long way. Most carpet manufacturers also recommend having your carpets cleaned every 12-18 months. If you don’t keep up with regular carpet care, sometimes your carpets can begin to show heavy soil and obvious high traffic areas. In the event that you have not been regularly maintaining your carpets and you see a spot come up, it may be the effect of “wicking.” Wicking can occur when your carpet is oversaturated and doesn’t dry fast enough. Any soil particles located at the base of the carpet fiber rise to the its tip, and therefore the stain you thought you removed looks untouched and as dark as ever. If you want to lower your risk of wicking on your carpets, feel free to reach out to us.

One of the major keys to avoiding a permanent stain is getting on top of it right away! Here at A+ Carpet Cleaning in Portland, we’d love to help in any way we can, whether that means offering advice, assessing the situation via photos, or coming out and offering our professional stain removal services in Portland. For a stain you’re unsure if it’s removable, we also do repairs, which can be a great way to get your carpet looking stain-free again! Call today at 503-314-7453!

Professional carpet cleaning CAN help

If you have been working on a stain multiple times and see it return, there is certainly a chance that a professional carpet cleaning service may be the answer to your problem! However, as mentioned earlier, if you have been using the wrong products and methods multiple time, it can make it more difficult for us to help. When you’re dealing with specialty stain removal, we often ask you to text a photo to us prior to even scheduling so that we can have a technician take a look and give us an experienced opinion on our chance of success. The process we use, hot water extraction, is specifically designed to be both a thorough clean but also to allow the carpets to dry faster. We do an additional dry stroke with our wand at the end to extract as much moisture as possible, which also helps reduce the odds of “wicking” or “rapid re-soiling.”

As a family-owned carpet cleaning business, we do genuinely seek great results from every job we perform. As part of our outreach, we will typically text you 48hours after your service to hear if the carpets dried well and if you are happy with everything. If we hear that you had a spot return, we will often make an appointment to come back and work on the stain some more. We don’t offer a guarantee on stain removal, given the plethora of variables involved, but we do guarantee that we will give a hundred percent of our experience and efforts every time.

Avoiding wicking

Step one: don’t try to treat an area on your own without calling a professional. We’re not saying you have to make an appointment; we’d be happy to walk you through the best steps, methods and products over the phone. The state of your home and carpet is our number one priority. There’s a lot of “generic” information online and elsewhere about how to clean your carpets yourselves, but stain removal is a delicate and scientific process. The source of the stain, the length of time it’s been there, the type of carpet fibers that it is in… all of these things are critical elements to consider before starting in on a “quick fix.” As professional carpet cleaners, we can often help you from the office. But, might we just say, if it’s been over 12-18 months since you’ve had your carpets professionally cleaned, we’d love to take care of the stain for you while performing the regular maintenance that your carpet needs.

No one likes a stain on their carpet, but it feels even worse when you put the effort into stain removal and watch the stain re-appear overnight. Before getting out the bleach (please don’t!), you are always welcome to call A+ Carpet Cleaning, your local Portland Carpet Cleaner. We love sharing our knowledge, and we’d love to help you learn a thing or two about your carpets! Feel free to call, or you can also email us at

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