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PORTLAND, OR – Your indoor air quality is a critical part of a happy & healthy home. One way to guarantee debris and odor free air is to make sure you are maintaining your HVAC system, which pushes air throughout your home on a day to day basis. Whether you have the heater blasting at full speed in January or the A/C cooling your home down in June, your furnace and your ducts are definitely worth maintaining. Just imagine them not working for a day or two during our more extreme Portland weather… not fun!

If you aren’t sure you need air duct cleaning services, the NADCA recommends having your ducts cleaned every 3-5 years. If you are a new owner or just don’t remember how long its been, we’ve also included some other telltale signs that it might be time to call a Portland local air duct cleaning company (like A+ Carpet Cleaning)!

You may need air duct cleaning services if…

You see a puff of dust come from your vents every time you turn on your furnace

This one is somewhat of an obvious one. If you see dust coming out of your vents, that’s a very clear sign that they are in need of a professional clean. This indicates that there is loose debris that has been cycling through your home for so long that it’s begun to build up. Dirt, dander, and allergens are swept through your HVAC system daily, and without a regular clean, there is the potential for them to begin to collect.

You have to replace your filters more often than usual

Your furnace filter is your defense between the debris your system picks up and your indoor air quality. If you have to replace your filter multiple times a month (or a week), this is your HVAC system’s way of telling you it’s time for a professional air duct cleaning. A frequent filter replacement is indicative of a large amount of soil in the vents and without a cleaning, there is nowhere else for any of it to go other than to continue to dirty your furnace filter and the rest of your home.

You smell something weird

Sometimes our homes just have an odor, whether it’s something pungent we cooked or an accident a pet had. However, if you are smelling an odor consistently and you have scoured your home and still can’t find the source, that may be a sign that the ducts are in need of a clean. We recommend getting close to the registers while the air is running so you can properly determine if the ducts are the source of the smell. If they are, it’s time to call an air duct cleaner in Portland!

There isn’t a lot of air coming out of the vents

Is your furnace working hard and barely getting any air flow? That’s a classic sign of a lot of debris blocking the air’s path. Imagine trying to push air through an increasingly narrow vent… it’s a lot of work, and unfortunately, until the issue is dealt with, the debris build-up will continue to increase. Not only does this impact your utility bill at the end of the month, but you feel like you aren’t getting your money’s worth because there’s barely any air coming out of your vents!

You just did a renovation

Home renovations are wonderful (speaking only about when you get to the end). Looking around and seeing all the results of the hard work you’ve put in is a special feeling. However, the process of remodeling creates a lot of dust and air particles that you likely want to get out of the air circulation ASAP. We have many clients who call us as soon as their remodel is finished so that we can come in, reduce the HVAC debris, and give them a truly “new” feeling when they walk in that first time.

How to clean air ducts

When Mike (founder of A+ Carpet Cleaning) was researching the best method to clean air ducts, he had to sift through a large variety of methods that all utilize different equipment and in some cases, products. After considering the options, he chose the RAM Air system, believing it to be the best. Why? The RAM Air method utilizes high pressurized air to clean your ducts rather than rotating brushes or other more intrusive tools that could scratch or cause other damage within your HVAC system.

When we clean your air ducts, we use the following pieces of equipment:

  • Air hose: This is a hose that is small in circumference and has a small ball at the end of it. The ball has many tiny, hard to see holes drilled in it where the air comes from.
  • Vacuum hose: This is a more typical hose size, and will attach to the vent cover (coming up) so that the debris is pulled towards us and into the van once the air hose is turned on.
  • Vent cover: This is a cover that we place over your duct when we take the usual vent cover off. Our vent cover is thick plastic and has two holes: one for our vacuum hose and one for our air hose.
  • 5ft ladder: to reach any ducts that are on the ceiling or wall. If you have high ceilings/walls that would require a taller ladder, make sure to mention that to us when you call to schedule!

Who is cleaning your air ducts?

A+ Carpet Cleaning is a family-owned and locally-owned business that’s been around for over 15 years! Mike & Tiki Honkanen, co-owners, have raised their sons and grown their business over the course of the past two decades, and greatly enjoy getting to meet new people as well as continue to serve our loyal clients. Many clients have turned friends, and they feel a deep desire to continue to serve Portland and the nearby areas. Being a family-owned business is a delight, and A+ Carpet Cleaning is made up of a team of people that want to treat your home as their own.

Currently, we have over 2,000 positive reviews online, and we welcome you to check out our different pages! And if you ever need any air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning (the list goes on)…give us a call!

Air duct cleaning services

Air duct cleaning services

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